R100R Mystic

Year 1994
Mileage 85221 km
Frame no. 6435113R100R
Engine no. 6435113
Price € 6490,-

In 1991 BMW introduced the R100R. This model was essentially the first boxer after the K-series that had been revised both technically and optically. It featured the new parelever system, a wider rear tyre and spoke wheels. It also had the still very popular retro-style rocker covers. In addition, the R100R was equipped with a "Sekundär Luft System": a catalytic converter that reduced pollutants from the exhausts. While BMW was already developing the new generation of four-valves-per-cylinder boxer twins, these old-style twin-cylinders represented just about the ultimate development of the traditional boxer and, due to its huge success, a total of 20,589 items have been produced.

A slight variation on the R100R was the Mystic which was introduced in 1993. Although very much the same as the original R100R, it did have a somewhat simplified appearance and featured a brand new two-in-one exhaust system, leaving the paralever system more exposed. As only 3,700 have been produced, this model is somewhat hard to come by these days.

The model on offer here is in good condition. The previous owner has made some modifications, such as:

  • Improved rear brakes
  • Steel lines
  • Stronger battery
  • Reinforced dashboard plate

Available with 2 panniers and wind screen.