Bantam D7 Super

Year 1965
Mileage 22018 mi
Frame no. D7 43484
Engine no. FP7 8749
Price € 2490,-

The BSA Bantam is a model that was produced in various forms for over 20 years. The introduction of the first 172cc model - the D5 - in 1958 marked a number of developments, the most important of which were a stronger big-end bearing and improved lubrication. A raised compression ratio and larger carburettor increased maximum power to 7.4bhp and the top speed to 59mph. Introduced for 1959, the successor D7 model - known as the Bantam Super - featured the 172cc engine while boasting a new frame, hydraulically damped front fork, bigger brakes and upswept handlebars.

This particular Bantam Super is in good condition.