Skorpion Replica

Year 1995
Mileage 33885 km
Frame no. SNZ6SER30S7503272
Engine no. 4NN-002252
Price € 6000,-

Designed as a sportbike for the masses, the MZ Skorpion Replica has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. It has a sophisticated frame, adjustable suspension front and rear, sleek bodywork, and a simple, reliable, and easily-serviced engine. What it doesn’t have is expensive, difficult to maintain technology, or an excess of power that most riders really don’t need anyway. A true sportbike with a humble powerplant. It’s a shame they weren’t able to sell very many (199) when new.

This Skorpion Replica with number 91 has had 2 previous owners and is in good condition. It has a few modifications such as double carburettors and a special sport exhaust. Includes new tyres.