Year 1983
Mileage 26142 km
Frame no. GS110X538850
Price Sold

The last of the Japanese big four to abandon two-stroke technology, Suzuki leapt to the front with its 1977 Suzuki GSX750 and Suzuki GSX1000. In 1980, they moved the bar higher still with the Suzuki GSX1100. It was the fastest bike on the strip and was named Cycle World’s Superbike of the Year for three consecutive years from 1981-1983.

Then for 1983, Suzuki upped the ante by increasing intake valve lift and advance while revising intake and exhaust systems for an extra three horses. Forged pistons, a stronger crank and uprated transmission components maintained the GS’ reputation for reliability; a frame-mounted bikini fairing provided improved aerodynamics. The 1983 GSX1100ES was the first production motorcycle tested by Cycle World to run a standing quarter mile in the tens. This was serious stuff.

This GSX1100ES was not being used until 1989 and is in very good condition.