Year 1996
Mileage 72584 km
Frame no. 4BH001789
Price Sold

Introduced in 1993, the GTS1000 added to Yamaha's lineup a fast, capable, impressive looking sport touring bike incorporating a variety of innovative features. Using the engine from the FZR1000, incorporating electronic fuel injection, and utilizing a forkless front suspension setup and anti-lock brakes, the GTS1000 was a technological marvel. Expensive to develop and priced accordingly, the GTS1000 sold in relatively small numbers and is both rare and highly sought after today.

In 2006, Bike Magazine declared the 1994 Yamaha GTS1000 the "coolest of rare motorcycles". "Scarce, stylish, yet capable and completely usable: that's cool in our book."

This model is mostly standard except for a heightened steering plate for increased comfort and a Corbin seat. The original seat is available too.